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For years dancers and dance teachers have had the same regular shoes for performances.

​Picture this, a hard hitting, military style dance, fantastic camouflage costume, heavy, dark make up and a bog standard jazz shoe-burgh. Thanks to manufactures we have some new options.

Check out the Bloch 'Millilitre'. A fantastic light split sole dance boot with inner leg zip for quick changes. It looks heavy but is brilliant to dance in. I wear mine ALL the time- no lie. Really comfortable soft fabric and an inner arch support means you feet can look fantastic.

Capezio have just launched the 'Rebel' in the UK. A wide heeled shoe, again really light. You can wear it in a few ways. Keep the top up and show off the stud detail or fold down the top. Also features an elastic section over the Achilles so you can still pointe your toes. Great for a heels class or again I wear these just on a day to day basis!

What about tap shoes I hear you ask? Well most shoes with a hard enough sole can be tapped meaning you can add taps to your faveorite trainers, or as we've seen converse which seems to be a big trend at the moment. Taps, especially a teletone or technotap can be quite heavy so much sure your shoes are string enough to support the weight of the tap and make sure someone who knows what they are doing fits the taps!

Did you know we can fit taps at Pink Pointes? Prices start from £6.

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