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Your first pointe shoe fitting can be a time consuming process so please be prepared.  As a rough guide, a first time fitting can take between 30 minutes and an hour (sometimes more) to find the ideal shoes.


Please wear convertible tights so we can fit your shoes properly.  

If this is not your first fitting please bring your old shoes and any padding you currently wear in your shoes.  Please also make sure you cut your toenails before as this can cause pain.


Please contact us to make an appointment for your pointe shoe fitting.  You can contact us here or by calling 01708 438584.


We have a number of optional extras to purchase after your fitting, such as suede tips, ribbons and elastic.  We also offer a darning service or ribbon sewing should you require it.  

Did you know we also offer a group fitting at your school.  Contact us to book.

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