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Any sport that uses your body means you want to keep it in tip top condition but trying to squeeze in rest, eating healthy and time for stretching can be chaos in our busy lives.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

We know the feeling, you've just finished hours of classes and your stomach makes that 'I need food NOW' noise. You haven't got anything so pop into the local takeaway to grab something on the way home, filling up on carbs then going to sleep. Then waking up in the morning feeling really larthargic reaching for a sugary drink or coffee to kick start your day before starting the cycle again. Argh!

Contrary to popular believe it doesn't take long to prepare food. You can make a salad in a few minutes, use some leaves, cucumber (cut out the seeds to keep it crisp all day), tomatoes and add some lean protein, chicken or salmon and boom you've got a really basic salad. Invest in some cute Tupperware pots and you can eat this on the go. If your coming home late why not look into purchasing a slow cooker? Again you can prep food before you go, leave it in the slow cooker and come home to a wonderful smelling house. Use onions, mushrooms, sausages and gravy add some sweet potato mash and you've got a real comfort meal as soon as you walk in the door.

Don't forget about snacks. Fruit, such as bananas are great as they provide plenty of energy. Boiled eggs are also a great snack and you can boil up a few days at a time, store them in the fridge and they are really to eat when you need them. Try not to reach for anything too sugary as your blood sugar levels with spike and then plummet leaving you feeling just as bad as before.

Don't forget your water! Yes water! No calories, keeps you hydrated when you're sweating in class and can be spiced up with a few slices of fruit if you really don't like it plain. Check out the new capezio infusion water bottle where you can add cucumber, raspberries, mint or anything else you fancy in the middle compartment to infuse into your water!

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